Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019)


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Are You Afraid of the Dark? Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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The three-part, self-contained limited series is about the newest member of The Midnight Society, her first scary tale, and what happens to the group when the terrifying events of her story start to actually happen in their small town.

Plus 3 fan-favorite episodes from the classic series!


Rachel Rachel

Gavin Gavin

Akiko Akiko


Kind, smart, sensitive, she carries a sketchbook of spooky characters and monsters everywhere. As the newest member of The Midnight Society, she emerges as the unexpected heroine in their battle against Tophat.


Rachel’s cute neighbor is the ultimate boy next door — cool, kind, confident, with a positive carefree attitude.


An aspiring film-director, making a DIY horror movie with any money or professionals. Rule breaker, dislikes authority.

Graham Graham

Louise Louise

Tophat Tophat


Good-natured and kind, but very tightly wound. He’s the comic relief — neurotics and a germophobe. Passionate about music.


Captain of the cheer squad. 10/10 on the popularity scale. Type A, leader of the group.


Ringmaster of the Carnival of Doom. Wears a top hat and tuxedo and carries a cane. Charismatic, charming, handsome and evil.